Date: Saturday, November 02, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00  
Location: PRZ - Picton  
Synopsis: Pre-Registration Cost: $75.00/player
Includes: Event Admission, Event Patch, Faction Patch, Blackcell Patch, facetion specific Beanie (Toque), custom event dead-rag

Pre-Registration will open by 23 August 2019 and will end 30 September 2019.

It''s been 5 years since the fall of civilization brought on by the plague. Most of humanity was infected and the results are still being felt in most large cities. Governments have started to reform out of the battles that raged within the cities, leaving small pockets of uncontrolled areas, where warlords rule and communities struggle to survive.
A few splinter organizations from the past still exist and are still fighting to complete their missions, most notably - the Division, a highly trained group of sleeper cells spread around the country as part of the "continuation of government" planning that the US and Canada had put in place. These cells were made up of agents, tasked with assisting in re-establishing order by facing off directly against groups planning further downfall of civilization and as a secondary mission they were to help the government find a cure for the poison unleashed on the world. Several waves of these agents were put into the field over the years - called up for their specific skills and abilities, some continue to fight while others have simply vanished. They have been sent in with a medical team and an engineering team, to craft the required materials they need to make it into the highest of contamination zones to acquire goods to
help them in the fight, but first they need to find Cachtech which allows them to craft the upgrades necessary.
Out of the military might that was sent in to support the initial government reaction to the plague was a group known as the battalion - sent into southern Ontario to help restore order. As time went on, their commander began to show signs that he was drunk with power - deciding that he should rule this part of the country and he would use his soldiers to do it. Meanwhile, a young officer, in charge of a squad of elite soldiers uncovered the commander''s plans and had reported it to his chain of command. He didn''t
realize that the entire chain of command had been compromised and it was reported back to the local commander. Facing a court martial and certain death, the officer and his men ran, which resulted in them being stripped of their rank and being branded as traitors. They now roam the uncontrolled zones, selling their skills to fight against the commander and his Lost Battalion. They are now Nomads, with the goal of unseating the local commander and everyone in his chain of command.
In selling their skills and with the backing of locals, these Nomads decided that fighting from the shadows would be meaningless unless the people followed them - a symbol was needed for the public to fall behind - so they pooled their financial resources and formed the White Rhino Company, a mercenary force that is out to destroy the corrupt government forces and anyone that gets in their way.

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