SPECIAL EVENT - Operation Kraken

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019 - 09:00 to 19:00  
Location: Crossfire Airsoft Napanee  
Synopsis: PRICE: - $40
Prepaid - $30
membership holders - $10

All participants must sign waiver. Parent/guardian must sign for players under 18.
-400 FPS max with 0.20g BB - Chrono mandatory; GC will tag gun.
- full auto allowed
- max fire rate of 20 RPS is allowed full auto any gun firing over 20 will be locked to semi-only
- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection / goggles
-Lower face protection mandatory for players under 18
-Barrel covers mandatory in safe area (can be rented for $5)
-Kill rags HIGHLY advised
-radios are advised
-Stay in-bounds. Boundaries will be clearly marked
-Report all hazards to GC
-Experienced players help out the new guys

Field open Friday for camping
Shop opens - 0900h
Chrono guns, registration - 0900h-1000h
Safety Brief - 1000am
Mission Brief - 1015h
Operation Start - 1030h
Operation End - 1900h


Game story line/layout
Part 1
“Invasion” (beachhead attack)
years of preparation and intelligence work has culminated to this point designed as a fell swoop invasion to knock out coastal defenses and capture or eliminate key personnel
The invasion force hits the beaches in droves
its a literal uphill battle as they try to push up the beach head to complete their objectives using sheer force of numbers to break the line and secure victory
Horribly out numbered with no chance of winning this battle the defenders must fight tooth and nail
every man and bullet counts as reinforcements are thin.
the defenders Must hold off the attack long enough to move the artillery to defensive positions and evacuate key personnel to secured positions and move sensitive data from the facilities under attack the defenders will not give up territory easily

part 2 (CQB style conquest)
“The siege”
The invasion continues as the battle moves off the beaches and inland towards the small town of "Buttermilk" the peaceful community will be torn apart by hectic room to room fighting
as the siege takes place as each team will struggle to secure strategic areas granting special support in an effort to push back the other side and secure the town.

Part 3(full field conquest)
“Total war”
war has now engulfed the countryside as the two opposing forces desperately try to gain advantage and control of the key strategic points across the map, access to artillery, para drops, spys and chemical weapons will make or break the attempts to control territory. This is the end game and winners take all.

1 hit wounded - 60 sec bleed out -Death
hit during bleed-out – death

teams select 1 medic per 10 guys
ONLY medics can carry bandages.
medic tie bandages to wounded players for revive, once player is hit again return to spawn and turn in bandages team is responsible managing medic band aids at CP spawn.

Available supports in game
-Combat drone
-para drops
-double agents
* GC operated no exceptions*

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